Power module parts which Japanese technology is actively used.

The power module market features fast-growing items such as industrial equipment
and large household appliances, automobiles, railways, and new energy.
Many of these power modules require parts that are delicate and use high-performing technology,
and a lot of Japanese technology is actively used.
We have been supplying power module parts using Japan’s leading technology since 1987,
and we support the world’s leading power-module companies.

Copper base plate & Nickel plated base plate for Power Module

We are especially adept at the power module versions of the copper base plate and the chrome plated base plate. The Base Plate can adjust to micron-level measurements and warpage, solder flow when nickel plating is applied, and meet various requirements. For Japanese makers, who have long employed delicateness and accuracy as tools, the stricter the conditions needed for the power modules, the more our technology proves useful.

Other parts & Materials for Power Module

We supply not only Copper Base Plate, but also other materials for power module, such as Terminals, Electrodes, Aluminum Bonding Wire, Silicon RTVL etc. If you have any request or question about Power Module parts, feel free to contact us.

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