We JEM are a leading supplier of Japanese liqueur, and exporting various kinds of UMESHU (Japanese Plum Wine) to all over the world.

We supply many kinds of UMESHU including reasonable one, long matured one, and aged one in oak casks etc.

What is UMESHU (梅酒) ?

The word UMESHU is composed of two words ; UME=梅=PLUM、SHU=酒=ALCOHOL BEVERAGE, and meaning PLUM LIQUEUR. The production method is very simple ; dip plum fruits into various type of alcohol beverages for a few months ~ a fer years. The method is very simple so the quality of plum is very important. Generally the taste is sweet and popular in Japan and other Asian countries.

What alcohol the plum is dipped into?

UMESHU is made from many kinds of alcohol. The most reasonable one is to use ethanol, so called white spirits. Not only the reasonable price, the less taste and less aroma spirits is good to complement the the original plum taste. When we require higher quality, we use better alcohol beverage like Shochu, Sake, Whisky, Brandy etc. so there are so many kinds of Umeshu.

What kind of UMESHU brands are in the market ?

The most famous UMESHU brand should be "CHOYA", located in Osaka, Japan. But other than CHOYA, so many alcohol players are making UMESHU and there are more than 1000 UMESHU brands in Japan. From big players, YAMAZAKI UMESHU (山崎梅酒 from Suntory) is quite famous, but there are also popular brands like KAGA UMESHU (加賀梅酒) or UMENOYADO ARAGOSHI-UMESHU (梅乃宿 あらごし梅酒) etc.from local or small producers.

UMESHU BRAND we export

We have exported more than 50 brands of UMESHU to overseas so far. Not only UMESHU brands requested by clients, we can suggest many UMESHU brands good for your market. There are more high quality UMESHU brands which have not known in the world yet. Please feel free to ask us when you are serching new UMESHU brands.


The liqueur using juice of Japanese original citrus YUZU (柚子) is popular mainly for womens in Japan and Asian markets. The most famous brands are HAKUTSURU(白鶴) or UMENOYADO(梅乃宿) but there are many other YUZUSHU brand in Japan.

Other Japanese Liqueur

When it comes to Japanese liqueur, UMESHU(梅酒) and YUZUSHU(柚子酒) are the most famous, but do not forget other Japanese liqueur.For example "Apple Wine" from Nikka is a very popular brand, but other liqueur taste using Matcha tea (抹茶)or fruit juice like Strawberry (苺)、Peach(桃)etc. are remarkable recently.

Private label brand Umeshu / Yuzushu

If you want to make original UMESHU or YUZUSHU brand, please feel free to ask us.If you let us know the type of taste, quantity and budget, we will propose the best product for you. Of course, the brand name and the label can be designed by you.

Export volume of JAPANESE LIQUEUR

Japanese liqueur including UMESHU (PLUM WINE) and YUZUSHU ( YUZU LIQUEUR ) have stable popularity in Asian markets. While the export volume has been deacreased, the amount of sales have increased. That means people are more interesetd in luxury liqueur products from Japan.

export volume of JAPANESE LIQUEUR

10,196,441 liters / JPY 4,210,989,000

11,484,325 liters / JPY 4,977,613,000

10,907,079 liters / JPY 5,671,642,000

How to export UMESHU

船便 (FCL / LCL)、AirFreight
Temperature : Dry or Reefer
Trade Terms : EXW , FCA , FOB , C&F , CIF etc., we will ship UMESHU according to you request.


Do you export any kinds of Umeshu products ?

First of all, let us know your country, product name and required documents in your country other than Invoice and Packing List. We will advise you the detail then.

What is minimum order quantity or amount ?

We will advise you after we check your request.

Do you consolidate several UMESHU items from several producers ?

Yes we can ship UMESHU items from several producers in 1 vessel together.

What language is available ?

English and Japanese are available.

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