We are a wholeasaler of Japanese Alcohol Beverages
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all range of Alcohol Beverages, and support the great partners in overseas.

Growing worldwide demand of Japanese Alcohol bevearges

Due to high demand of Japanese alcohol beverages, especially Whisky and Spirits ( Gin / Vodka / Rum ) , our export volume is increasing.

Japanese Sake (Rice Wine)

SAKE is Japan origine alcohol beverages made with rice. Among 1500 SAKE breweries in Japan, 100 of very small breweries have developped the quality of their sake in 21st century which is making SAKE boom worldwide today.

export volume of JAPANESE SAKE

in 2016 :
19,736,818 liters / JPY 15,581,063,000

in 2017 :
23,481,549 liters / JPY 18,679,175,000

in 2018 :
25,746,831 liters / JPY 22,231,502,000


After the biggest Japanese whisky players (Sungory and Nikka) have received the worldwide recognition, people are getting to know Japanese Craft Whisky today. Due to the small supply volume, the shortage of Japanese whisky is now a serious problem in the world.

export volume of JAPANESE WHISKY

in 2016 :
4,938,766 liters / JPY 10,844,396,000

in 2017 :
5,489,113 liters / JPY 13,640,337,000

in 2018 :
6,208,097 liters / JPY 14,977,532,000


In Okinawa, the southernmost island in Japan, we have a lot of high quality sugarcace and there are a few Japanese Rum producers. Although the price is high compared to Caribian Rum, the unique aroma and the taste of Japanese Rum are fascinating European market.

export volume of JAPANESE RUM

in 2016 :
15,994 liters / JPY 34,548,000

in 2017 :
16,576 liters / JPY 37,319,000

in 2018 :
34,727 liters / JPY 50,262,000


The boom of "CRAFT GIN" has started in Japan since 2016 silently but for sure. In the past few years, the producers of Japanese Gin have increased dramatically and the Japanese original botanical like Yuzu, Matcha is fascinating the people.

export volume of JAPANESE GIN

in 2016 :
5,250 liters / JPY 15,067,000

in 2017 :
231,683 liters / JPY 641,663,000

in 2018 :
1,405,307 liters / JPY 1,988,753,000


Few people know the existance of Vodka from Japan and the market is still very small. But after Suntory and Nikka started the production of Japanese Vodka,

export volume of JAPANESE VODKA

in 2016 :
23,130 liters / JPY 25,482,000

in 2017 :
39,790 liters / JPY 48,448,000

in 2018 :
128,281 liters / JPY 219,575,000


In Japan, 4 major beer brands (Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, Sapporo)occupy 90% of Japanese beer market. Meanwhile, more than 300 craft beer producers have been started recently and they are highly evaluated in the market.

export volume of JAPANESE BEER

in 2016 :
82,926,030 liters / JPY 9,489,331,000

in 2017 :
117,272,066 liters/JPY12,873,412,000

in 2018 :
116,772,106 liters/JPY 12,874,183,000


Japanese Liqueur, especially UMESHU(PLUM WINE)or YUZUSHU (YUZU LIQUEUR) have great and stable popularity in Asian market. The volume of export is flat in last 3 years, but but the sales amount is increasing because of the popularity of luxury brands today.

export volume of JAPANESE LIQUEUR

in 2016 :
10,196,441 liters / JPY 4,210,989,000

in 2017 :
11,484,325 liters / JPY 4,977,613,000

in 2018 :
10,907,079 liters / JPY 5,671,642,000


If you have been to Japan, you should know how Japanese people love SHOCHU. SHOCHU is a Japan origin spirits with various ingredients like Sweet-Potate, Barley, Rice or Sugarcane etc. Today most of exported SHOCHU is consumed by Japanese people living in overseas.

export volume of JAPANESE SHOCHU

in 2016 :
2,189,557 liters / JPY 1,466,128,000

in 2017 :
2,297,015 liters / JPY 1,537,112,000

in 2018 :
2,195,266 liters / JPY 1,529,620,000

Feel free to ask us about any Alcohol Beverages

We handle all kinds of liquor ; Sake , Shochu, Umeshu and other Liqueur , Japanese Whisky , Japanese Brandy , Japanese Rum , Japaese Gin, Japanese Vodka , Japanese Beer, Japanese Wine elc.

How to export

By SEA (FCL / LCL), or by AirFreight
Temperature : Dry or Reefer
Trade Terms : EXW , FCA , FOB , C&F , CIF etc. depends on your request.

Consolidate many bottles from several producers.

We can consolidate SAKE, UMESHU , WHISKY etc. from several makers into a vessel together.
We accept MOQ (Minimun Order Quantity) from 1~2 pallets.
But SAKE or BEER often requires reefer container, so please let us know your specific product you would like to buy first.


What kind of beverages are you looking for in Japan ?

Let us know your request, for eample, "Organic SAKE brand", " Original Japanese Gin product", "Unique taste Beer" and so on.
We have so many network in alcohol beverages industry in Japan, so we hope we can find the best partners for you.

Private Label Brand

Would you like to make your private label brand with Sake、UMESHU(Plum Wine)、SHOCHU or SPIRITS ( Gin, Vodka etc. ) ?
We can make original tast drinks with your original label and bottles.

Please advise your request to us.



Japanese Whisky
Japanese Whisky
Japanese Spirits
Japanese Spirits
Umeshu/ Plum Wine
Umeshu/ Plum Wine

Questions & Answers

Do you export any liquor items ?

As soon as we know the information of the product, the place of destination, required documents in the country, we will check and advise you.

Do you offer even premium brands?

It depends on the product and timing. Let us know your request first.

What is minimum lot or the minimum buying amount?

MOQ is generally from 1 or 2 pallets. But when the product is high price, we will consider smaller volume.

Do you consolidate several brands in a shipment?

Yes we can consolidate the products from more than 2 producers, and export them together for you.

Do you also import the liquor items ?

Yes, we have an import lisence of all alcohol ranges (whisky, sprits, liqueur, beer, wine etc.) and can wholesale to other Japanese players.

What language is available?

Only English and Japanese available.

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