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Japanese Gin Exports

In Japan, a gin boom started gradually in 2016 and the number of craft gin producers increased significantly. Just a few years after the boom, in 2019, there are more than 30 gin makers. Most of these take unique approaches, using botanical plants specific to Japan, citrons or tea leaves to bring out a certain Japaneseness in their product.

export volume of JAPANESE GIN

5,250 liters / JPY 15,067,000

231,683 liters / JPY 641,663,000

1,405,307 liters / JPY 1,988,753,000

There were just 5,250 liters of gin exported from Japan in 2016 and there was no interest in Japanese gin abroad. But in 2017, the amount of exported gin jumped to 46 times 2016 levels. In 2018, exports grew another six times, continuing an astonishing rate of growth.

Japanese Rum Exports

The history of Japanese rum starts in the 1960s. Opportunities arose to make rum and sell it to the many US military personnel stationed in Japan’s southernmost point, Okinawa. A unique Japanese rum was made in the thriving natural environment of Okinawa, which had plenty of sugarcane and molasses to use. There are a few rum makers in Japan, but the volumes are small and Japanese rum remains a rare commodity.

export volume of JAPANESE RUM

15,994 liters / JPY 34,548,000

16,576 liters / JPY 37,319,000

34,727 liters / JPY 50,262,000

Sugarcane is produced in Okinawa, southernmost island of Japan. The production volume of Rum in Okinawa is much smaller compared to caribbean countries, but slowly, the Okinawa Rum is started to be evaluated for its unique taste coming from the nature or their original yeast.

Japanese Vodka Exports

Japanese vodka has been a minor drink in Japan that few people know about. But in 2017, Nikka entered the market for Japanese Vodka, and in 2019, Suntory followed suit, raising the recognition of Japanese vodka little by little. There are a few craft vodka producers, and the drink is gradually becoming popular in the Asian region.

export volume of JAPANESE VODKA

23,130 liters / JPY 25,482,000

39,790 liters / JPY 48,448,000

128,281 liters / JPY 219,575,000

The export volume of Japanese vodka is still small, but it has become triple during 2017 to 2018. The volume should be much bigger in 2019, as Suntory has entered Vodka market seriously. Furthermore, the number of craft vodka producers is increasing in Japan so the market should be exciting in the future.

Japanese Shochu Exports

Shochu is an original Japanese spirit. The highly diversified liquor can be made with rice, barley, sweet potato, and other ingredients. Just as the Russians drink vodka and the Mexicans drink tequila, the Japanese think of Shochu as their spirits. It’s mainly served on the rocks, with water, and with warm water. Because of its distinct aroma and taste, its share of overseas markets is expanding slowly.

export volume of JAPANESE SHOCHU

2,189,557 liters / JPY 1,466,128,000

2,297,015 liters / JPY 1,537,112,000

2,195,266 liters / JPY 1,529,620,000

The export volume of Shochu is flat in past 3 years. Mainly exported Shochu is consumed by Japanese people living in overseas today. But on the other hand, some tourists coming to Japan from overseas have become big fan of Shochu so we expect more and more people will enjoy Shochu all over the world in the future.

How to export

By SEA (FCL / LCL), or by AirFreight
Temperature : Dry or Reefer
Trade Terms : EXW , FCA , FOB , C&F , CIF etc. depends on your request.

Questions & Answers

Do you export any spirits items ?

As soon as we know the information of the product, the place of destination, required documents in the country, we will check and advise you.

Do you offer even premium spirits brands?

It depends on the product and timing. Let us know your request first.

What is minimum lot or the minimum buying amount of spirits?

MOQ is generally from 1 or 2 pallets. But when the product is high price, we will consider smaller volume.

Do you consolidate several spirits brands in a shipment?

Yes we can consolidate the products from more than 2 producers, and export them together for you.

What language is available?

Only English and Japanese are available.

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