Changing the World
with Japan’s Technology and Service

Our mission is to find those sleeper manufacturers in Japan
who do good work and connect them to buyers around the world to support their mutual success.

We believe there is so much potential in this Asian island country of Japan.
Even in this globalized world, there is so much originality to be discovered in Japan,
because of its special lifestyle, culinary culture, and ways of communicating with each other.
Japan has a lot of good products created from the country’s unique sensitivities and technologies,
but that can’t be discovered by the rest of the world and are not in circulation outside of Japan.
Our mission is to connect the very best Japan-made products with global buyers and bring success to everyone’s business.

Japanese product export management service

Our company can handle all sorts of requests when it comes to BtoB (business-to-business) products.
If there are specific products you’d like to export from Japan, or if there is a type of product you want us to find in Japan, please use our export services.


B to B export service

Our export services

Export service of JEM

Our Specialties

Our four strengths contribute to our customers’ development


We can act with speed to match any export company with response times typically coming in just one business day.


We are up for the challenge and will make our best efforts when it comes to products we haven’t handled before.


We have a track record of exporting a variety of Japanese products to more than 35 countries. We can respond to a wide range of requests.


We put to full use the network we have created over more than 30 years in business. We can source and export all sorts of products.



A Happy new year 2023! We will open from 4th Jan.