We are a leading SAKE (Japanese Rice Wine) exporters and suppliers in Japan.

We have several Sake partners with top quality, especially craft Sake brands. As soon as we know your market, we will introduce you the best Sake producers.

What is SAKE?

Sake (we call it NIHONSHU in Japanese) is a brewed beverage unique to Japan whose main ingredient is rice. Japanese Sake has a long history; some say it goes back as far as 1,200 years. Improvements in manufacturing technology since the year 2000 has helped raise the quality of Sake recently, which has attracted the attention of younger generations and of people around the world.

How to Make SAKE

Japanese Sake is made with rice. The first step is to polish the rice. We polish away the outside of the rice with its many miscellaneous tastes and use only the central part of the kernel. The polished rice is washed, steamed, then saccharifiedm, and fermented. But since rice alone does not have the sugar to produce alcohol, a type of fungus called koji is used to help in the saccharification process. This is the unique process for making Japanese Sake and why Sake has such a complex taste. Issued Sake is pressed, filtered, and lastly heated, bottled, and shipped.

What does Sake taste like ?

One of the most interesting point of Sake is the wide range the taste. Some are traditional dry taste, but others are elegant type like white wine, fruity taste like apple or pineapple juice, sometimes you can see the full body type like whisky taste etc. you should be surprised to know the potential of rice taste. Especially in these 10 years, after we had a technological innovation of sake production, the quality of Sake has developed dramatically.

Sake lineup we have

We focus on top quality Sake products. The Sake market is almost occupied by giant Sake producers, but on the other hand, craft Sake breweries are loved by young generation or sake lovers in overseas. Their production volume is quite small but the quality is definitely top of top. Our mission is to discover this kind of high grade sake and export them with appropriate temperature, and to appropriate market.

How to export Sake

Depends on the Sake type, volume, and the countries, we have several choices how to handle the Sake bottles. So we need further discussion with you.
Generally, Sake is a very sensitive beverage and requires strict temperature control. So using dry container is not appropriate. We strongly recommend to use reefer container for Sake transportation.

Example of exported sake brands so far.

  • *南部美人 [Nanbubijin] from Iwate (岩手)
  • *大那 [Daina] from Tochigi (栃木)
  • *結[Yui] from Ibaraki (茨城)
  • *加茂錦[Kamonishiki] from Niigata (新潟)
  • *加賀鳶[Kagatobi] from Ishikawa (石川)
  • *二兎[Nito] from Aichi (愛知)
  • *神蔵[Kagura] from Kyoto(京都)
  • *玉乃光[Tamanohikari] from Kyoto (京都)
  • *讃岐くらうでぃ[Sanuki Cloudy] from Kagawa (香川)
  • *上善如水[Jozen Mizunogotoshi] from Niigata (新潟)
  • and many other sake brands.

Situation of Sake export

There are more than 1500 Sake breweries in japan, but 100 or less small Sake Breweries have developed the quality in past 10 years. This innovation has made a lot of new Sake fans, especially in young generation, and Sake lovers in overseas. The export volume is highly increased in these years.

export volume of JAPANESE SAKE

19,736,818 liters / JPY 15,581,063,000

23,481,549 liters / JPY 18,679,175,000

25,746,831 liters / JPY 22,231,502,000

How to export SAKE ?

By SEA (FCL / LCL), or by AirFreight
Temperature : Reefer is recommended for Sake
Trade Terms : EXW , FCA , FOB , C&F , CIF etc. depends on your request.

Questions & Answers

Do you export any kinds of Sake items ?

As soon as we know the information of the product, the place of destination, required documents in the country, we will check and advise you.

Do you offer even premium sake brands?

It depends on the product and timing. Let us know your request first.

What is minimum lot or the minimum buying amount of sake?

MOQ is generally from 1 or 2 pallets. But when the product is high price, we will consider smaller volume.

Do you consolidate several sake brands in a shipment?

Yes we can consolidate the products from more than 2 producers, and export them together for you.

What language is available?

Only English and Japanese are available.

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