Helping with “MADE IN JAPAN” Exports


We have been exporting the very best Japanese products from a variety of sectors to the world since 1987.
We handle a wide range of products from familiar items such as food and alcohol to machine parts and industrial products that require delicate precision equipment.
We support your business by connecting you with the Japanese manufacturer.

What sort of products would you like to export from Japan?

Please let us know what sort of products you’d like to source from Japan. We’ll help with your “MADE IN JAPAN” exports. Please let us help you contact the Japanese manufacturer, confirm the estimated budget, and oversee the export process. We are exclusively a BtoB export management service.

Basic export company practices in Japan

Japan has some unique business practices. Manufacturers don’t export their own products. Instead, they typically hire an outside export company to handle the export business. There are a lot of export companies in Japan, but our company combines speed and flexibility to provide a level of satisfaction not seen at other companies.

Japan’s slow and cautious companies

Because Japan is an island nation, it has developed a unique culture. Because of this, there are many attractive products and services here that are waiting to be discovered. Also, we can’t say that the manufacturers have global standards in mind when they think about sales. Most companies are very cautious about expanding overseas and are reluctant to engage with overseas businesses they don’t know, because of the risk. Even when a company from overseas reaches out to a Japanese maker, the response is often very slow, and the request is very often ignored. It’s also very well known that most Japanese don’t speak English. Our mission is to be a bridge between globally active companies like yours and Japanese makers of excellent products, and support smooth and speedy transactions.

Our company’s specialties

Even with just a few correspondences, we can respond faster and more flexibly than other trading companies. As is described below, we have a track record of exporting a lot of products to countries all over the world. We received many requests from everyone from small companies to large, multinational corporations. Our margins are reasonable enough that you can use our services without worry.

We have exported various Japanese products so far.

Food, confectionery, seasonings, beverages, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, building materials, stainless steel & titanium & wooden materials, elevator parts, elevator wire ropes, artwork, semiconductor parts, screws, resins, hand tools, chemicals, polishing machines, Analytical equipment, Japanese cars, foreign cars, pet food, promotional goods, etc.

We can export it to any countries all over the world

USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, Australia ・ Etc. We have a track record of exporting to over 30 countries around the world.

We have many inquiries from great companies in the world

Technology companies in USA, Automobile company in USA, Large architecture office in UK, Steel Corporation in Taiwan, Electronics company in Korea and various kinds of small but great companies all over the world.

How to export

SeaFreight (FCL / LCL)、AirFreight
Courier service(DHL / FedeX / EMS etc.)
Trade Terms : EXW , FCA , FOB , C&F , CIF etc. as you prefer

Service flow

  1. Request us the name of
    maker & products
  2. We advise you the quotation*1
  3. Ship a sample
  4. Payment to the maker*2
  5. Prepare the documents for export*3
  6. Export
    Made in Japan
*1 If you need contract paper, we ask the maker
*2 In general, payment is 100% in advance
*3 Please advise required documents other than INVOICE or PACKING LIST in advance

Let us know your request

Question &Answer

Can you export any products from Japan ?

We do not put any restrictions on the products, but let us check first.
If the product is legal, and available to handle with our license, we will check the detail.

Do you export the products from any part of Japan ?

Yes. We are located in Osaka, but we are buying products from various parts of Japan and export it to all over the world.

Do you accept inquiry from individual person ?

Generally, we do not work for individual customers. Our service is mainly for BtoB (Business to Business) service only.
If the scale of offer is big, we consider to accept the inquiry even from individuals.

What is Minimum order quantity, Minimum buying amount ?

That depends on the product type, and the order frequency. So let us know the detail first.

Is there a fee for consulting ?

We do not charge you until the export project is fixed.

What is the margin of JEM ?

We can open the information after we know the project detail.

Can you consolidate the products from several producers ?

Yes we can work as consolidater ; buying from several producers and ship together on a vessel.

Do you work as importer at Japan side ?

Yes we have a lot of experience of importing in japan.

What language is available ?

We can accept English and Japanese only.