Japan’s Very Own Legendary Supercar
Export the Rare NSX to Your Country

The first model of Honda’s supercar NSX came out in 1989, 30 years ago. The car is highly valued around the world.
We can deliver to you NSXs, overlooked in Japan today, in the best possible condition.

We are an official export supplier of No.1 NSX car dealer "Route KS"

ROUTE KS, the best NSX dealer, is located in Suzuka known as a mecca for the lovers of HONDA cars. Since the company was established in 2004, they supplied many rare NSX cars to the fans in both Japan and overseas.
We JEM, as official exporters of Route KS, will help you to buy NSX / NSX-R from ROUTE KS.

Product Lineup

Route KS has offered more than 250 cars of NSX-R in and out of Japan so far.

  • *NSX [First Series] E-NA1(1990-1997)
  • *NSX-R [First Series] Limited editions(1992-1995)
  • *NSX [Second Series] GH-NA2/GH-NA1(1997-2001)
  • *NSX-R [Second Series] Limited editions (2002-2005)
  • *NSX [Third Series] LA-NA2/LA-NA1(2001-2005)
  • etc.

NSX Special Event in Suzuka circuit

We regularly hold a track event only for NSX owners.
These pictures are the NSX track event in Suzuka circuit held in September 2019
We invited many NSX owners, including VIP clients from overseas, and many NSX cars run Suzuka together.

Export supplier : JEM INDUSTRIES CORP.

Company NameJem Industries Corp.
Address1-5 Yorikimachi, Kitaku, Osaka 5300036 JAPAN
TEL(+81) 6 - 6356 - 5551
Established1987, in Osaka, Japan
ServiceTrading House ( export / import service )
PresidentKunio Okada

Questions & Answers

Quotation or Question

Let us know your request about NSX. We will reply to you in a few business days.

How to visit the dealer Route KS in Suzuka, Japan

Please advise the car you are interested, and your available days.

Is it possible to buy only NSX parts ?

Let us know specific car type, the parts name and parts code etc.