COLOR TITANIUM from JAPAN | Architectural Metal of Next Generation

Architectural Metal
of Next Generation

In 2014, we are now having a lot of inquiries of color titanium sheets from many countries, which is regarded as new architectural metal of next generation. Although only the high cost tend to stand, Titanium has fascinating features to attract many architects. Hard, rust free material even at a seashore or at desert environment, very light and making many kinds of vivid colors.

Fascinating Colors
Made in Japan Only

We offer colored titanium sheets of more than 60 different colors as shown in right movie. The colors are not painted but original of titanium itself. The surface of colored titanium sheets are coated with oxide film, and the interference phenomenon of the film create beautiful colors on the sheet. Only a few Japanese companies can produce this product because it requires high technology and sensitive management ; the thickness of oxide film must be controlled within nano meter unit to make vivid colors.


Ultimately real gold color titanium sheet has been developed in Japan. It has a color like real 24K gold and was awarded by Japanese government as one of the most innovative developments in 2013. Although this product is brand new, it has already been used by several shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan to substitute for genuine gold decorations. This product has never been exported from Japan yet, but we are sure that this epoch-making product will be used soon for permanent architectures or luxury facilities worldwide.

Colored Titanium Panels
for roof-top of permanent architectures

Today, there are still few architectures used Titanium material in the world. But in Japan, many owners of permanent architectures, like museum, shrines and temples, have got interested in Titanium. They have been used as materials of their rooftop instead of tiles or coppers. Color Titanium are regarded as the best materials for roof tops of permanent architectures because it is light weight which lessen a burden from old architectures, very tough which saves the cost of maintaining, furthermore, they have acid rain resistance much better than copper products.

Excellent corrosion resistance against seawater

Even stainless steel ( SUS 304 / 316 ), known as having great corrosion resistance, will get rust under tough environment like seashore or near desert. On the other hand, Titanium has almost perfect resistance against seawater as strong as Platinum. Today, Titanium sheets are often used as bridge pier or as coating sheet of bridge in the sea. Thus, our Color Titanium sheets are recommended as the best material for exterior of architectures at seaside.


The initial cost of Titanium may seem expensive when compared to the other materials like stainless steel. But, elimination of repairing will contribute to cost reduction in the long run of few decades. This advantage becomes more obvious in corrosive environments such as seashore, deseart, industrial and urban areas.

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