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We export whatever made in JAPAN.

Besides architectural metals, elevator parts and power module parts we are supplying mainly, we have supplied many other products to meet diversified demand from customers throughout the world. We have accumulated knowledge in various fields, so if you have any interest in products made in Japan or if you have any hard to find some parts, please feel free to contact us. We would welcome any specific inquiries, all of which will always receive our most careful and prompt attention.

Elevator Parts

Besides decorative stainless steel sheets for applications of elevator doors and cabs, we supply various elevator and escalator parts; "Elevator Rope Socket", "Elevator Wire Rope", "Escalator Step Chains", "Spare Parts", "Carbon Brush for Motors/Generators", "Push Button Lamps", "Bearings", "Locks" and so on.


Japan is well known as a developed country of LED lamps. We supply many kind of LED lamps used for outdoor lighting and ceiling lights in buildings and factories. We are also pleased to develop new and original products meeting your requirement with our high technology.

Copper Plates for Power Module

We have been supplying materials and parts required for manufacture of Power Module. Our main item is Copper Base Plates which are pre-bend with plus/minus only 20 micron accuracy and then nickel plated suitable for solder flow. We also supply Silicon RTV TSE-311, Stamped Terminal and Aluminum Bonding Wire etc. required for manufacture of Power Module.

Industrial Machinery

Surface polishing technology on stainless steel sheets like Vibration finish, Super Mirror finish and Hairline finish were originally developed in Japan, and now these finishes are popular for architectural applications throughout the world. To meet demand from overseas customers, we also supply these machines and parts; Vibration Polishing Machine, Super Mirror Polishing Machine, Hairline Polishing Machine etc. * We are agent of NAP Industries in Osaka, Japan.